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First Friday Art Show Opening and Coloring Book Launch

We’ll be hosting a soft opening of the upstairs gallery/event area at Moira Records.  The space will feature artist: Harry Edwards –  Launching a new adult coloring book at the event. Please plan to visit us and join the party – good art, good music, good food and good drinks. When: This Friday, April 7th,… Read more »

Harry’s traveling road show

It’s Ag Conference season, hot and heavy.  For me, that means miles and miles (~5000 miles in 8 weeks) of cold, snowy roads.  But, since I’ve decided to stay primarily with Airbnb hosts, it also means overnights in the warm homes of good people across the Midwest.  It’ll be a few very busy weeks of… Read more »

Harry joins Rimol Greenhouse Systems

As many of you know, besides being a grower who uses greenhouses and high tunnels, I also sold them in NY and across Canada for the last 7 years or so. Last year I stopped selling and concentrated on farming, starting up new farms in NY and SK. But I’ve missed the frequent farm visits… Read more »

Farm visit with Eliot Coleman

Like many growers these days, I’ve been searching for crops to grow in my high tunnel that will be profitable while giving the soil a break from the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers that I often grow there. And after battling last winter’s record low temperatures with all-too-frequent propane deliveries, I decided to take a closer… Read more »

Polyface visit and tour with Joel and Daniel Salatin

I recently took part in a Sustainable Food Conference at Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA. Joel Salatin, who is a world famous speaker on sustainable agricultural issues, and his son Daniel gave us a tour of their family farm. They explained their intense rotational grazing techniques for cattle, chickens, turkeys and pigs, and the science… Read more »

Permaculture Design Certification, by Sowing Solutions

I recently completed the summer Permaculture Design Certification course, offered by Sowing Solutions at Sirius Eco Community in Shutesbury, MA. It was an intensive and practical program that was well balanced between technical and academic design considerations, and hands-on installation projects. For me, the goal of this training was to learn tools to plan farms… Read more »

6/8/15 WJFF Connections – Radio interview

I was interviewed by Dick Riseling of WJFF Radio recently. His call-in radio show deals primarily with quality of life topics for residents in the Catskill communities of NY. Often they discuss entrepreneurial and employment opportunities related to sustainable energy and agriculture in the region. My discussion with Dick centered around using season extension farming… Read more »

Beaver Street Community Garden

Planting vegetables and flowers, and these neighborhood kids are so excited to help. What’s more hopeful than planting seeds with children? Each of them also planted watermelon seeds and squash seeds in recycled cups to grow at home. We loved chasing the spiders and digging in the dirt too.

Farm management and consulting services available

If you are interested in starting up or expanding an organic fruit and vegetable farm, I’d like to talk with you soon about your potential project for 2016. After starting up my own farm, My Neighbor’s Garden, and running it for a few years, I began to comprehend that the demand for local, organic fruits… Read more »