Harry joins Rimol Greenhouse Systems

As many of you know, besides being a grower who uses greenhouses and high tunnels, I also sold them in NY and across Canada for the last 7 years or so. Last year I stopped selling and concentrated on farming, starting up new farms in NY and SK. But I’ve missed the frequent farm visits and the interactions with other growers that I enjoyed while I was doing sales.

After researching about a dozen greenhouse manufacturers, and interviewing with a few of them, I’ve decided to work with Rimol Greenhouse Systems whose manufacturing facility is in Hooksett, NH. (And they agreed to hire me as an agent;-) I have known Rimol structures for many years and have worked in them on several farms. They are very well constructed and the company’s tech support is excellent. I have also known some of the Rimol staff for several years, and even as competitors, their salesmen and management have always been friendly. I personally love that they have hired Clara Coleman (Eliot Coleman’s daughter) as their agronomy consultant. (You can read her blog at the Rimol website.) I also appreciate that they are a progressive company and have developed a turnkey solution for cannabis growers in states where it has been recently legalized.

I will be the midwest representative for Rimol, covering the area between Ohio and Kansas, and between Kentucky and North Dakota. (www.rimolgreenhouses.com) Their announcement goes something like this…

“Harry Edwards has joined Rimol Greenhouse Systems as a sales and tech support rep in the midwestern region. Fittingly, Harry’s passion is growing local economies and he believes this is most effectively done by improving the profitability of the farmers who grow and sell locally”… (You can read more at: https://www.rimolgreenhouses.com/about/staffproduct-specialists)

My arrangement with Rimol will still allow enough flexibility in my schedule so that I can continue to farm and work as a farm consultant (especially during the summer). If you have a question about season extension, high tunnels or greenhouses, or are interested in discussing a new farming opportunity, please give me a call. I look forward to working with you.